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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Eggless Cupcakes - Double Colored

Eggless Cupcakes - Double Colored
Eggless Double Colored Cupcakes is a yummy and easy to make Vanilla Cupcake Recipe. This is my first cake recipe using Oven, I bake it for my little one who loves cake very much, my son love cream cake only, to attract him I used different colors. He enjoyed the colored Cupcake.

Eggless Cupcakes - Double Colored

Eggless Cupcakes - Double Colored - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins |
Total Time :35 min | Yield : 12 Servings |

Recipe Category: Cupcake | Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Calories : 120 / serve

Eggless Cupcakes Ingredients :

All Purpose Flour 1 1/2 Cup
Sugar 1 Cup
Yogurt 1 Cup(or) Buttermilk (Full Fat)
Sunflower Oil 1/2 Cup
Baking Powder 1 Tsp
Baking Soda 1/2 Tsp
Food colors a Pinch
Tutti Fruity 2 Tbsp
Raisins 1 Tbsp
Cashew Nuts
Vanilla Essence Powder 1 Tsp

Eggless Cupcakes - Ingredients

  1. In a Mixing Bowl add the sugar and buttermilk mix it well until the sugar dissolves.
  2. To this buttermilk mixture add the baking powder and baking soda mix well and keep it aside
  3. After 2 minutes you will see the bubbles in the buttermilk mixture
  4. Sift the flour, add the vanilla essence powder, sunflower oil, tutti fruity, raisins, cashews and the buttermilk mixture
  5. Mix well and divide into 2 parts, then add the food color mix well.
  6. Pour the batter into cupcake tray
  7. Bake at 180 degree preheated oven for 20 minutes or till toothpick inserted in center of cupcake will come out clean.
  8. Cool it and serve.
How to Make Eggless Cupcakes

Cooking Tips :
Ensure that the yogurt or buttermilk in room temperature.
Serving Tips :
You can decorate with whipped cream and serve.
Eggless Cupcakes with Double Color


  1. Yummy cakes. Just loved them. I am getting a mouth watery feeling. Thank u so much for the recipe. Will surely prepare the cup cakes and will share the feedback with u. Thanks again.

  2. super, Looks delicious...