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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bottle gourd Fry / Surakai Poriyal

Bottle gourd Fry / Surakai Poriyal
Bottle gourd is a popular vegetable in India; water content is high in Bottle gourd and very nutritious and healthy. This helps in weight loss also; normally in South India for poriyal (Sabji/fry) we use coconut with all vegetables, those who want to slim take Bottle gourd recipes but avoid coconut.

1 medium sized Bottle Gourd
¼ tsp Mustard seeds
¼ tsp Splitted urad dal
1 Onion
2 Green chilies
2 dry Red chilies
2 tbsp grated Coconut
A pinch of turmeric powder
2 tbsp oil
1 strand curry leaves
Salt as for taste

Peel the skin of Bottle Gourd and cut into small pieces.
In a kadai/pan add the oil and heat it; add the Mustard seeds, Spitted urad dal and curry leaves.
After spluttering add the Big Onion finely chopped, dry red chilies, green chilies chopped;
Fry till the Onion became transparent.
Add turmeric powder, salt and sauté for few seconds then add Bottle gourd; mix well with little water and close the pan for 5 minutes.
Finally add grated Coconut and cook for another 5 minutes in low flame.
Serve hot with Rice or Roti.

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